Competent Banking Seminars in English

Since 2008 we have been offering our banking seminars in English to support banks and financial service providers with an international workforce. In particular, our 4-5 day seminars Competent Banking Know-How and Banking Know-How for IT Professionals are regularly booked and receive very positive feedback.

The seminars are aimed at career changers and newcomers to banks or bank advisors who want to build up or expand profound banking knowledge in a short time. In particular, employees from cross-sectional areas such as IT, controlling and human resources benefit from this. It can also provide valuable information about the situation in German banking for employees from so-called Brexit banks. Against the background of numerous agile projects at financial institutions, it is important to have a common and up-to-date understanding of banking. With our format, participants will quickly gain a holistic understanding of banking, get profound insight knowledge of the core areas, core processes and challenges of banks.

The 4 days workshop covers the following content:

  • Core banking activities and functions
  • Structural organisation of an universal bank
  • Core processes and core products
  • Major bank regulation. Regulators in Germany and the EU
  • Role of IT for a bank
  • Retail Banking and Private Banking
  • Overview Investment Banking
  • Excursus on risk management
  • Corporate Banking incl. rating
  • Banks in 2030: Challenges and Trends

Please get in touch, if you would like to set up a seminar for your colleagues.

Further information about the seminar can you obtain here: Competent Banking-Know-How.

Picture: Markus Krisetya on Unsplash